€Sometimes we pray and seek God and nothing happens.
€Never ever misinterpret God’s silence as rejection.
€God’s silence may be:
*To reform you for better position.
*To strengthen your desire for him.

*Leah was the first born.
*She had week eyes.
*Rachel was lovely in form and beautiful.
*Jacob loved Rachel because of the form and beauty.
*He worked 7 years and he was given Leah.
*He worked another 7 years for Rachel.

*When The Lord saw that Leah was not loved.
*The Lord opened her womb.
*Rachel became barren.
*Leah conceived and bore a son:
*Reuben (The Lord has seen my misery, my husband will
love me now).
*Simon (The Lord heard that I am not loved).
*Levi (My husband will be attached to me).
*Juda (This time I will praise the Lord).
*The bible is full of men and women who went through rejection

Example 1:David’s brother’s were better candidates to the throne, but God chose a shepherd. (1 Samuel 16:11-13)

Example 2: The Four leprosy men were also rejected. (2 KINGS 7:8-9)

Example 3: Jesus himself was rejected. (ISAIAH 53:3-5)


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